Lobbying Campaigns

Consultation of the BBC

A number of people have written to me about the Government’s response to its consultation on the BBC.

I understand that the Department of Culture, Media & Sport is considering the many responses it received to its consultation.

This reflection is welcome as the future funding of the BBC requires a great deal of thought and consideration. This is a sign of mature Government and should be welcomed.

Debate on an e-petition on Bees and Neonicotinoids

I have been contacted by a number of constituents in regard to their concerns about pesticides and the bee populations. I share these concerns and have raised them on a number of occasions with Ministers, both formally and informally. I will continue to make representations in relation to these matters.

Representation of the People (Proportional Representation) Bill

In 2011, the Country voted on whether to change its electoral system. It overwhelmingly rejected proposals by a majority of two to one.

At this stage there is no significant appetite amongst the electorate for a change from the “first past the post” system that has served this Country well and one that will continue to do so, as for the next generation.