Charles Walker calls for debate on proxy voting for MPs in the House of Commons

Charles Walker MP speaking in the House of Commons on proxy voting for MPs

Following the lack of time to debate proxy voting for MPs in the House of Commons, Charles Walker, who chairs the Procedure Committee which published a report on the issue in May, calls for the issue to be debated as soon as possible.

Mr Charles Walker (Broxbourne) (Con)
On a point of order, Mr Speaker. I understand that due to pressures of time, the Government have pulled the next debate on the principle of proxy voting in the House of Commons. That is of course a great shame, although I understand that there are pressing matters of state in play at the moment. On 1 February, we passed a motion in this House to look at proxy voting. The Procedure Committee, ​which I chair, published its report on 15 May. We are some two months from that point and five months- plus from 1 February. I am a man of great patience, Mr Speaker, but babies are not as patient as I am. A number of colleagues who are expecting to give birth in the next few weeks were rather hoping that we would get on to this business, if not today, then perhaps next week.