Charles Walker calls on Government to address unsustainable business rates hikes

Charles Walker MP speaking in the House of Common, 22 Feb 2017

Charles Walker raises concerns about increases of business rates by more than 200% and the impact it will have on businesses and their ability to employ young people.

Mr Charles Walker (Broxbourne) (Con)

As my right hon. Friend trudges around the country, visiting council leaders in various chambers, may I invite him to come to a McMullen pub in Broxbourne? He will be able to meet the chief executive of McMullen, who will explain to him that some of its pubs, which employ many young people in a variety of roles, will see their rates increase by more than 200%. That is not fair. McMullen may not be a small business, but if it has to pay higher rates at that level, it will stop employing young people in my constituency.

Sajid Javid

I would be very happy to visit that McMullen pub with my hon. Friend. He highlights the importance of pubs—not just McMullen pubs, but more generally—and it is important for the House to note, as we have done so often, that pubs are more than just businesses. They play a very important part in our local communities, which is why I would be happy to come along and learn more from my hon. Friend and the pub itself.

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