Charles Walker calls for reform of endless appeals process for illegal immigrants

Charles Walker calls on the Home Secretary to do more to remove illegal immigrants from this country and bring an end to the seemingly endless appeals process that prevents their removal.

Mr Charles Walker: What we must do in this country is get better at removing people when we discover that they are here illegally. What frustrates my constituents and their Member of Parliament is that the appeals process can go on for year after year. People have worked out that, once they have arrived in this country, it is very difficult for us to remove them.

Mrs May: My hon. Friend puts his finger on an important point. We have already been able to take some action in this area. We have reduced the number of appeals routes, from 17 to four, and, in the previous Immigration Act, we took some action with the “deport first, appeal later” arrangements, but that was restricted to a particular category of individuals. We will extend that in this Bill. Once again, we will ensure that it is easier for us to remove people who have no right to be here, without them having this continuous process of appeal after appeal.

| Hansard