Charles Walker notes that bombers regularly target Iraqis as they queue to apply for a job. He asks the Defence Secretary what measures are being taken to protect these potential job applicants.

Mr. Charles Walker (Broxbourne) (Con): The Secretary of State is right that many thousands of people have been killed in Iraq. One of the common threads in many of those attacks is organisations advertising for workers. A thousand Iraqis turn up, one turns up with a bomb, and hundreds are dead and hundreds are maimed. What measures are we taking as a Government and a coalition to reduce the number of targets for those terrorists to attack?

John Reid: We are doing everything we possibly can on our own. We are doing everything we can to expand the number of trained Iraqi security forces in the army, the Ministry of the Interior and the police, but ultimately, as we found out in London, New York, Madrid, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Bali and everywhere else the terrorists get through, it is not always possible to stop them, particularly when they regard the country as a major strategic battlefield and they are throwing in terrorists from outside to combine with elements of the Fascist regime that ran the country for so long. As the position gets better in terms of democracy, security forces and economic development, we can expect the terrorists to get more frenetic and more frantic. That is why I said today that I cannot promise that that will not happen, but we will see it through. "