25th October 2016
Speaking in the House of Commons

Charles Walker tables an Urgent Question calling on the Government to act on the House of Commons Procedure Committee’s proposals to enhance the credibility of Friday debates on Private Members’ Bills and to put an end to legislation put forward by Back Benchers being blocked or ‘talked out’ by the Government.

11th May 2016

Charles Walker calls on the Government to honour its pension commitments to those who have worked hard and made a contribution to this country, paid their national insurance and tax but choose to retire overseas. Where someone chooses to live should have no bearing on their pension entitlement.

28th April 2016

Charles Walker calls for a Parliamentary debate on the London licensed taxi trade who offer a lot more to London and their community than Uber does.

19th April 2016

Charles Walker introduces a new clause to the Bank of England and Financial Services Bill to ensure that banks act proportionately in respect of money laundering regulations intended to target foreign despots and dictators but which have been disproportionately applied to law-abiding people holding political office, military or public sector positions in the UK and their extended families and associates

18th April 2016

Charles Walker outlines proposals to reform the private Members’ Bills process to enable well-prepared and well-supported backbench MPs’ Bills to be seriously debated and scrutinised in the House of Commons.

22nd October 2015

Charles Walker backs the proposals for English votes for English laws as the most practical solution to a complex problem and attempts to redress the imbalance created by devolution which has resulted in MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland having a say in legislation affecting England only.