15th July 2015

Charles Walker calls for London’s taxi regulations to be properly enforced to ensure the city’s licensed and regulated black cab taxi drivers, who have invested heavily to learn the ‘knowledge’ and comply with strict safety regulations, do not lose out to newcomers exploiting lax regulatory enforcement and brazenly ignoring the rules.

7th July 2015

As Chairman of the Procedure Committee, Charles Walker outlines areas that he would like the committee to consider in relation to the English votes on English Laws issue and the arrangements being put in place to decide whether a particular Bill, or part of a Bill, relates to England only.

27th February 2015

Charles Walker leads a Parliamentary debate on deaths in mental health detention and the lack of a mechanism for independent investigation of those deaths that occur within the NHS.

24th February 2015

In his role as Chair of the House of Commons Procedure Committee, Charles Walker moves a series of motions to reform Parliamentary procedures in relation to the House of Commons’ second debating chamber - Westminster Hall, improving transparency when a Bill needs Royal assent and Parliament's handling of petitions and e-petitions.

24th February 2015
Charles Walker MP speaking in the House of Commons

Speaking in a debate on mental health and unemployment, Charles Walker calls on the Government to find a way to encourage employers to recognise that the mental well-being of their employees is just as important as their physical well-being. He calls on companies that have a workplace mental health policy to speak out to encourage other companies to do the same.

3rd December 2014

Speaking in a debate about the commercial overfishing of sea bass, Charles Walker backs calls to reject EU proposals to limit catches for recreational anglers to one fish while not effectively policing commercial fishing. He says sea bass should be a shared resource between commercial fishing and the recreational angler, with the balance in favour of the recreational angler.