6th October 2008

Charles Walker welcomes suggestions that money from dormant bank accounts could be given to local communities, charities or used to educate people about bank accounts and borrowing.

14th July 2008

Charles Walker highlights the role of employment agencies as a useful route for getting people back to work. He also takes the opportunity to condemn the practice of tips being used to make up employees' wages in parts of the hospitality industry.

8th July 2008

Charles Walker leads a debate on the contribution made by recreational fishing to the UK economy.

10th June 2008

Charles Walker condemns the limited time set aside for debate on the Counter-Terrorism Bill especially as MPs will be discussing locking people up for 42 days without charge.

3rd June 2008

Charles Walker calls for measures to tackle rising energy costs which have a disproportionate effect on pensioners and for measures to encourage a better take-up rate of benefits.

13th May 2008

Charles Walker supports the Bill as a step in the right direction and hopes it can reach out to young people who are disconnected with society and encourage them to pursue further education.