8th October 2007

Charles Walker calls for parental responsibility to be enforced, if necessary, by fining parents of young offenders – and for the alcohol industry to pay a levy for policing just as football teams pay for policing on match days.

28th June 2007

Charles Walker raises problems of more and more local bus services being routed via London and concerns that Hertfordshire taxpayers are paying for services primarily used by Londoners.

19th June 2007

Charles Walker calls for the Bill to require that mentally ill patients who need to be detained in a place of safety are held in a therapeutic environment rather than a police cell.

18th June 2007

Charles Walker raises concerns about community treatment orders and the resources required to implement them effectively.

15th June 2007

Charles Walker champions local shops and calls for better access and changes to the planning laws to enable us to build more vibrant town centres.

23rd May 2007

Commenting on the very high number of rejected votes in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, Charles Walker calls for a restoration of confidence in our democracy.