16th April 2007

Charles Walker calls for more compassion and focus on the care, safety and well-being of mental health patients.

26th March 2007

Charles Walker speaks up for the very poorest in society, who are caught up in the complicated benefits and tax credit system and argues that they should be taken out of taxation altogether.

22nd February 2007

Charles Walker tells MPs of his concerns at cuts to healthcare services in Hertfordshire. He especially highlights cuts to services provided by health visitors and reduced services for alcohol abuse and early-stage mental health illnesses.

9th January 2007

Charles Walker supports amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill that aim to take into account more than just medical issues when assessing how people with disabilities can re-enter the labour market.

6th December 2006

Charles Walker calls for the UK to be more aggressive in its own interests and not allow ourselves to be restrained by artificial confines set by the EU, which hinders our ability to compete with countries such as China and India.

16th November 2006

During a debate on the Queen's Speech, Charles Walker condemns hospital closures in Hertfordshire and calls for a commitment from the Government to use the new mental health Bill to ensure provision of first class mental health services.