31st October 2006

Charles Walker puts the case for disproportionate investment in London's transport infrastructure as London is the 'engine room of the UK economy' and London the east and south-east are expected to attract an additional 5 or 6 million people in the next 2

24th October 2006

During a debate on the House of Lords amendments to the Police and Justice Bill, Charles Walker raises the questions of accountability and independence of county police forces.

20th July 2006

During a debate on voting and representation in Scotland, Charles Walker raises the issue of Scottish MPs voting in Parliament on issues that do not relate to Scotland.

13th July 2006

Charles Walker raises concerns about the NHS investigating complaints against itself and calls for an element of independence.

3rd July 2006

Charles Walker calls for tighter Governmental controls over scientific research to ensure that a child's welfare is paramount.

12th June 2006

During a speech in a House of Commons debate on the Fraud Bill, Charles Walker widely supports the bill but calls for longer sentencing in fraud cases in recognition of the impact of fraud on victims lives.