5th June 2006

During a debate on the NHS Redress Bill, Charles Walker raises concerns that the proposed in-house system for dealing with minor clinical negligence cases will not be seen by patients to be transparent and impartial.

25th May 2006

Charles Walker calls on the Health Secretary to personally intervene to prevent unfair budget cuts to the Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust, which provides mental health services.

19th April 2006

Charles Walker introduces a House of Commons debate on mental health services in Herts in which he praises the work of the Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust and condemns the severe levels of budget cuts being imposed on them. Full text of debate.

28th March 2006

Charles Walker makes a speech in the Budget debate in which he calls for less money to be given to Europe and more money to be spent on the NHS.

26th January 2006

Charles Walker introduces an adjournment debate on counterfeit medicines and raises concerns the availability of medicines over the internet.

18th January 2006

During a debate on the Work and Families Bill in the House of Commons, Charles Walker makes a speech in which he calls for a report at the end of the first year after the introduction of paternity leave to examine its impact on business and home life.