21st October 2014

Charles Walker expresses concern about proposed amendments to the Recall Bill.

10th September 2014
Speaking in the House of Commons

Speaking in a debate on security and the middle east, Charles Walker deplores the cover of Israeli action in Gaza as an excuse for a rise in hatred and anti-Semitism in the UK.

15th July 2014

Charles Walker criticises the speed with which the Bill is being rushed through Parliament which leaves insufficient time for MPs to properly scrutinise new legislation.

4th June 2014

Speaking in the debate on the Queen’s Speech, Charles Walker welcomes proposals to tackle abuse of zero-hours contracts, calls for more and better quality housing and the expansion of shared ownership to increase peoples’ stake in the community.

8th May 2014
Speaking in the House of Commons

Charles Walker welcomes a trial which will change parliamentary procedure to give back bench MPs more opportunity to debate amendments. He also calls on the House of Commons to play a lead role in the petition system and for petitioners to be given support and guidance about reasonable expectations of the result of any petition.

10th February 2014

Charles Walker speaks against a ban on smoking in cars carrying children, as it would lead to criminalising otherwise very loving parents and would drive another wedge between the police and those they are policing.