24th October 2011

In what is possibly the shortest ever speech in the House of Commons, Charles Walker backs the motion calling for a Bill to provide for a national referendum on the Europe Union.

9th June 2011

Charles Walker leads a Parliamentary debate on the devastating effect skunk cannabis addiction has in ruining young peoples' lives.

23rd March 2011

Charles leads a House of Commons Adjournment Debate in support of Cheshunt’s hugely successful and popular Urgent Care Centre.

21st March 2011

Charles Walker takes part in a debate on MPs’ salaries where MPs vote not to accept the increase recommended by the Salaries Review Body.

15th February 2011

Charles Walker reproaches the Government for rushing through this Bill which will see the number of backbench MPs reduced by 10%, while the number of Government Ministers remains the same and the number of unelected Lords is increased. He is also concerned at the reported £250 million cost of holding the referendum on alternative voting.

18th January 2011

Charles Walker opposes the third reading of the Fixed-term Parliaments Bill.