2nd November 2010

Charles Walker opposes the Bill which increases the powers of the Executive at the expense of Parliament as the number of MPs will be reduced to 600 but the number of Government Ministers remains unchanged.

25th October 2010

Charles Walker tables an amendment to the Bill which would reduce the number of Government Ministers to reflect the overall reduction in the number of MPs. The amendment was defeated.

6th September 2010

Charles Walker calls for any reduction in the number of MPs to be part of a wider reform package which includes the separation of powers by removing the Executive from Parliament. Reducing the number of MPs without such reform saves relatively little money yet increases the power of the Executive by leaving fewer backbenchers free to hold the Government to account.

25th May 2010

Charles Walker welcomes policies outlined in the Queen's Speech and urges the Government to ensure that mental health provision is high on its list of priorities.

7th April 2010

Charles Walker condemns the burden of hidden taxes for middle class families which are buried within the complexity of the Bill.

22nd February 2010

Charles supports separation of powers and calls for a stronger Parliament to stand up to the Executive.