8th December 2009

Charles Walker presents one of over 120 petitions opposing the compulsory registration and monitoring of home-educated children.

28th October 2009

Charles Walker calls for the Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to include some younger MPs.

22nd October 2009

Charles Walker welcomes the amended Bill and praises the introduction of Marine Conservation Zones which are critical if we are to achieve healthy fish stocks and a flourishing commercial fishing industry.

7th July 2009

Charles Walker supports an amendment to enable inshore fisheries and conservation (IFC) authorities to delegate powers to the Environment Agency to manage all fish species in upper estuaries.

1st July 2009

Charles Walker raises his concerns that the establishment of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority will further diminish the role of MPs - who have been elected to represent the public's views in Parliament.

2nd June 2009

Charles Walker promotes the concept of 'earned citizenship'.