Insolvency debate

Charles Walker decries the behaviour of insolvency practitioners who charge exhorbitant rates. [read more] about Insolvency debate

Use of the Chamber (Youth Parliament) debate

Charles Walker argues that only the people of the UK can decide who has the right to sit in the Chamber of the House of Commons and MPs are not empowered to pass on that right to others. [read more] about Use of the Chamber (Youth Parliament) debate

Saving Gateway Accounts Bill

Charles supports the Bill as a step towards rebuilding a savings culture in this country and calls on banks to demonstrate their much trumpeted corporate social responsibility by offering the Saving Gateway accounts. [read more] about Saving Gateway Accounts Bill

Lloyds TSB and Iran (Sanctions)

Charles Walker condemns Lloyds TSB's actions in helping Iranian banks beat US sanctions. [read more] about Lloyds TSB and Iran (Sanctions)

Social Security - Pensions

Charles Walker pays tribute to the valuable role paid by pensioners in our society and whilst welcoming the uprating of the state pension argues that it is not enough. [read more] about Social Security - Pensions