Counter-Terrorism Bill (Programme)

Charles Walker condemns the limited time set aside for debate on the Counter-Terrorism Bill especially as MPs will be discussing locking people up for 42 days without charge. [read more] about Counter-Terrorism Bill (Programme)

Pensioner Poverty

Charles Walker calls for measures to tackle rising energy costs which have a disproportionate effect on pensioners and for measures to encourage a better take-up rate of benefits. [read more] about Pensioner Poverty

Education and Skills Bill

Charles Walker supports the Bill as a step in the right direction and hopes it can reach out to young people who are disconnected with society and encourage them to pursue further education. [read more] about Education and Skills Bill

Civil Service

Charles Walker raises concerns about the increasing number of unaccountable 'special advisers'. [read more] about Civil Service

Rape Victim Support

Charles Walker leads a Commons debate on the support given to victims of rape. [read more] about Rape Victim Support