European Affairs

Charles Walker calls for the UK to be more aggressive in its own interests and not allow ourselves to be restrained by artificial confines set by the EU, which hinders our ability to compete with countries such as China and India. [read more] about European Affairs

Queen's Speech - Health

During a debate on the Queen's Speech, Charles Walker condemns hospital closures in Hertfordshire and calls for a commitment from the Government to use the new mental health Bill to ensure provision of first class mental health services. [read more] about Queen's Speech - Health

Crossrail Bill

Charles Walker puts the case for disproportionate investment in London's transport infrastructure as London is the 'engine room of the UK economy' and London the east and south-east are expected to attract an additional 5 or 6 million people in the next 2 [read more] about Crossrail Bill

Police and Justice Bill

During a debate on the House of Lords amendments to the Police and Justice Bill, Charles Walker raises the questions of accountability and independence of county police forces. [read more] about Police and Justice Bill

Boundaries, Voting and Representation (Scotland)

During a debate on voting and representation in Scotland, Charles Walker raises the issue of Scottish MPs voting in Parliament on issues that do not relate to Scotland. [read more] about Boundaries, Voting and Representation (Scotland)