NHS Redress Bill

Charles Walker raises concerns about the NHS investigating complaints against itself and calls for an element of independence. [read more] about NHS Redress Bill

Human Reproductive Technologies and the Law

Charles Walker calls for tighter Governmental controls over scientific research to ensure that a child's welfare is paramount. [read more] about Human Reproductive Technologies and the Law

Fraud Bill

During a speech in a House of Commons debate on the Fraud Bill, Charles Walker widely supports the bill but calls for longer sentencing in fraud cases in recognition of the impact of fraud on victims lives. [read more] about Fraud Bill

NHS Redress Bill

During a debate on the NHS Redress Bill, Charles Walker raises concerns that the proposed in-house system for dealing with minor clinical negligence cases will not be seen by patients to be transparent and impartial. [read more] about NHS Redress Bill

Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust

Charles Walker calls on the Health Secretary to personally intervene to prevent unfair budget cuts to the Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust, which provides mental health services. [read more] about Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust